Privacy Policy

Privacy policy Nowcast Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") considers the protection of various types of data, especially personal information, as the most important responsibility in light of our corporate philosophy of visualizing various economic information through big data analysis. We strive for the appropriate use and protection of personal information, make everyone involved in our business including our employees aware of the importance of personal information protection and strive to manage it., which is at the core of our corporate values.

Therefore, we formulate the following policy and secure their complete implementation..


1. With regard to our business, we take specific measures to acquire, use and provide personal information in a fair and legitimate manner and do not to use it in any unintended purpose.

2. We will comply with laws on personal information, guidelines established by the government and other norms, and we will strive to protect personal information handled by us in accordance with our internal regulations.

 3. In order to protect personal information handled by our company, we take appropriate steps to prevent unauthorized access to personal information or its leakage, loss or damage. We also carry out preventive and corrective measures.

4. We will set up an inquiry counter for the personal information handled by us. If we receive inquiries, complaints or consultation from the client, we will deal with the case properly without any delay.

5. We will establish, implement and continuously improve personal information protection management system.



Date of Enactment: Nov. 9, 2015

Date of the last revision:Feb . 25, 2019

NOWCAST, Inc. Representative Director and President

Masashi Tsujinaka