Economic research in real time

We are looking for professionals who have a passion for "Nowcasting" and economic research in real time.

Jobs Available

Business Developer
(Regular Employee / Paid Intern)

■ Job Description

A person who has the ability to design, plan, and execute Nowcast’s services from a user’s point of view. Highly welcome those who have experience in project management.

■ Recommended Experience / Skills

・Experience in new sales development
・English ability

Data Scientist / Data Engineer
(Regular Employee / Paid Intern)

■ Job Description

Aggregation, processing and analysis of big data such as POS data and satellite imagery.

■ Recommended Experience / Skills

Some experience in statistical analysis languages such as Python and R.

(Regular Employee / Paid Intern)

■ Job Description

Planning and execution of digital marketing for our service.

■ Recommended Experience / Skills

・Experience directing a web site etc and coding experience using PHP, Python etc
・Experience in search marketing (SEO, listing etc)

(Regular Employee / Paid Intern)

■ Job Description

Lead overall business planning and operation of our services.

■ Recommended Experience / Skills

・English ability
・Experience promoting and implementing business efficiency


  • We are looking for people who are:

    ・Have a strong sense of responsibility
    ・Intellectually curious
    ・Can come up with ideas and put them into action
  • Corporate Culture

    ・No restrictions on clothing
    ・No fixed seating arrangements allowing for easy communication
    ・Adjust business area flexibly according to desires and skill.
  • Working Conditions

       Various (Health, Employees' Pension, Employment, Workers' Injury)
       Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays
       Summer, New Years Holiday, Paid, Weddings/Funerals, Illness