Privacy Policy

  1. In consideration of our business, we will take specific measures to acquire, use and provide personal information in a fair and lawful manner and not to use for other purposes.
  2. We will comply with laws concerning personal information, guidelines established by the government and other norms, and we will strive to protect personal information handled by us in accordance with our regulations.
  3. In order to protect personal information handled by us, we take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information or leakage, loss, damage, etc, and take preventive measures and corrective measures.
  4. We set up an inquiry window concerning personal information handled by us and when we receive inquiries such as complaints and consultation from the principal, we deal with it properly and without delay.
  5. We will establish, implement and continuously improve personal information protection management system.

Date of enactment:Nov.9,2015

NOWCAST, Inc. Representative Director and President

Ryota Hayashi


Notification of handling of personal information


NOWCAST, Inc.(hereinafter referred to as "we" or "our")attach importance to your personal information, and we will protect your personal information meanwhile provide better commodities and services. To that end, we will promote the following initiatives and we will protect your personal information with responsibility.


1  Compliance with laws and other regulations

We will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and other related laws and regulations.


2 Internal system

We develop necessary rules for internal regulations and operations for personal information handling and systems, meanwhile develop organizations such as administrators and establish a system to comply with personal information protection.


3 Collection of personal information

3.1 We may ask you to write down your name, address, phone number and email address when you apply for our services, mail magazines or when you are asked to fill in a questionnaire. Purpose of using personal information is as follows. ① Delivery in the case of sending goods and bills. ② After service ③ Sales information on new products and new services ④ Enhancing the quality of our products and services.

3.2 You will be asked to write down your name, email address and other information when you register on our membership site. This is for the purpose to confirm that you are using your own account.

3.3 At our company, for the purpose listed in 4.2 and 4.3, we may use personal information( such as personal information published in gazettes, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, telephone directories, company quarterly information, parliamentary member lists, employee lists of various industries, etc.), or various rosters listed in government publication service centers·co-op·bookstores etc. (such as government office staff records・yearbooks・corporate official records etc). In addition, we may ask you for your name and email address when you use our membership site. It is a requisite to use our member services.


4 The purposes of using personal information

We use personal information to:


4.1 Providing services and accepting applications related to that・clerical procedures ・contacting customers.

4.2 Sales information on our new products ・ new services

4.3 Market research ・ product development and related questionnaire

4.4 Business delegate within a necessary scope for business execution.

4.5 Acceptance of your applications for seminars ・ clerical procedures ・ contacting customers.

4.6 Contacting customers for the purpose of prevention and security management.

4.7 Provision of entrusted services and related acceptance of applications ・clerical procedures ・contacting customers.


5  Handling of sensitive information

In order to provide you services listed in  item 3, we may ask you to provide sensitive information as follows. We will not provide this information for a third party and only use it for appropriate business management and other necessary purposes.

5.1 Thoughts, beliefs or other personal opinions about particular issues.

5.2 Other special private information.


6 Commitment about using personal information

We will specify our purpose and get your permission when we need your personal information. We only acquire your personal information within a necessary scope.


7 Use of personal information

When using your personal information, it is only used within the scope of "purpose of use".


8 Agreement on acquiring of personal information

We will respect the individual will concerning whether personal information will be provided or not and which personal information you provide and which personal information you do not provide.


9 Accuracy assurance

We will endeavor to keep your personal information accurate and up to date.


10 About Cookie

We use cookies for the purpose of providing convenient functions and saving customers' time. It is a function to save the information etc. entered on our page and on the hard disk of your computer and automatically retrieve it as necessary when using the site. The cookie is assigned to each customer's computer, and it can only be read by the web server in the domain that issued the cookie. In addition, it is possible to set whether or not to allow use of cookies in your browser. Please keep in mind that information is saved on the computer when using a computer with two or more people, or when using it in places such as internet cafes.


11 Safety Management Measures

We exercise strict control of your personal information, take precautionary measures・corrective measures and security measures against unauthorized access・ loss・ destruction・ alteration・ leakage etc.


12 Internal education

We will conduct education and training in personal information protection among employees, and we will thoroughly disseminate the contents within the company.


13 Supervision of trustees

We may delegate your personal information to a third party within the scope of legitimate use. We will fulfil obligation and supervise trustees to strictly manage your personal information.


14 Restrictions on the provision for third parties

Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations ,we will not provide ・ disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, except for the purpose listed in item 3.


15 Disclosure ・correction of personal information, etc.

Concerning the customer's personal information kept by us, we will respond promptly within the reasonable and necessary scope if customers wish to confirm・ correct personal information.


16 Continuous review of internal organization

We will continue to review and improve the regulations about handling personal information and the organizational structure for implementing it so that they are continuously effective and appropriate.


17 Procedure for requesting disclosure of personal information

We will respond appropriately to requests for disclosure, correction etc. of personal data kept by us based on customer protection laws. If you have the request for disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. or you have complaints, please contact the following inquiries. It is possible that we will ask you to help us with confirming your identity.


Contact about this privacy policy

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